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     Our Restoration Process ~

Originally Hand-made in the 19th & early 20th Centuries

Hand-Restored by VGP in the 21st Century

Instrumental Process ~[overviews] ~Cosmetic Process


[1] When we receive a Piano for restoration, we begin with a complete cleaning & evaluation of all instrumental components.

[2] Next we take an inventory of all raw materials & parts which we will be required for the job.

[3] Then, we complete the disassembling & labeling of components, from the keyboard, harp, & cabinetry. 

[4] Next we complete structural piano repairs, including the mainframe, soundboard, bridges, & damper system, & existing tuning pin plank [if retained] 

[5]Then, we custom cut, carve, file,  drill, & fit the new tuning pin plank, install it in the harp, and reinstall the harp in the piano.

[6] Next, we complete the installation of all new tuning pins and all new strings, bass & treble, add string tension to bring the piano to proper Concert Pitch. Concurrently, during the process, we have also been working on the keyboard components, including performing the refelting (where required) of the keyboard action, damper system, & pedal linkage & lyre, & repairs to the keys/keytops.

[7] Next, we reinstall the keyboard action into the Piano, and regulate the playing touch, then we fine tune the instrument to Concert Pitch.  Please Note: the above is an overview, and the complete list of procedures/tasks is to vast to list in this venue.


[1] When we receive a Piano for restoration, we begin with a complete cleaning & condition evaluation of all Cabinetry  components, taking note of all necessary repairs and general condition of each piece. 

[2] Next we establish the inventory of all raw materials & parts which will be required to do the job.

[3] Next, we complete the dissassembling and labeling of cabinetry components, including the legs, lid, music desk, pedals, & hardware.

[4] Then, we begin the piano Refinishing process by removing the existing finish, using hand-sanding methods,  &if/when necessary, using Bio-based, Bio-Friendly furniture strippers to remove the most difficult areas. [5] Next, we remove all residue & sanding dust,  make all needed repairs, fill grain [when required], apply the stain coats,  rubdown, and then apply the finish topcoats, hand-rubbing between coats, completing the piano's refinishing segment.

[6] Finally, we reinstall the hardware {hinges, screws, nuts bolts, bumpers, felts, etc] onto the Piano case body & cabinetry pieces,  and then install the cabinetry pieces onto the Piano.

Please Note: the above is an overview, and the complete list of procdures/taks is to vast to list in this venue. 

PIANO BRANDS & TYPES ~  We Restore hundreds of piano brands, and various types of pianos:  Examples of  piano types/terms:  19th century Grand, 20th century grand,  Square Grand, Upright Grand, Parlor Grand , Baby grand, Vertical piano, upright, etc.

      Examples of piano brands which we Restore: We Restore Steinway Square Grand Pianos, Chickering Square Grand Pianos, Knabe Square Grand Pianos, Steinway & Sons Grand, Mason & Hamlin Grand, Baldwin Grand, baby grand, Knabe Grand and many other brands, including Guild & Church, Steck,  A.B. Chase, Bechstein, Bosendorfer, Schiller, Kimball, Wurlitzer, Schimmel, Hamilton, Mathushek, and many more. 

      There are very few brands,  indeed,  which we do not restore, just Contact Us with your piano brand, and chances are that we can/would be willing to restore it.